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AN Overview (OCTOBER 2005 - MARCH 2011)

The Geography of Science & Technology


This web-page is based on the report published by Council AN OVERVIEW (Oct-2005 to March-2011) which was prepared to inform policy makers about the dynamics of the research base of the state of Uttarakhand through the work profile of Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST). It measures the extent of use of resources and materials, the execution of activities and the partial results reached in relation to the set plans. This report analysis the direction of research and development in the States and makes the most prolific institutes in terms of availing the benefits from the council. This will help in articulating the road map of endeavours to be future taken by the Council.

Uttarakhand is an increasingly important research economy. Its research workforce capacity and R&D investment are expanding rapidly offering many new possibilities in a diversifying research portfolio. However it has received much less attention than other states.

This report shows that UCOST output has been substantial and far exceeds as compared to the nascent councils. Relative to the rest of the states, Uttarakhand has exceptional capacity in biology based disciplines and research related to the natural resource management.
Policy makers in well-established research organizations need to understand what is happening and be prepared to engage with new landscapes.

With the large portfolio the council envisages to implement various schemes & programmes under five broad segments namely

  1. Research, Development & Demonstration (RD & D)
  2. Science popularization & establishment of Vigyan Dham
  3. S&T based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)
  4. Himalyan Sysytem Science
  5. Science & Society programme for Women and Weaker Section

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