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Study of landslide hazard zonation in Mandakini Valley, Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand using remote sensing and GIS

08 July 2015 — M.S. Rawat*, D.P Uniyal, R.Dobhal, Varun Joshi, B.S. Rawat, Anil Bartwal, Devendra SIngh and Ashok Aswal     Article in Current Science, Volume 109, No.1

Studies of River Water Quality Using River Bank Filtration in Uttarakhand, India

12 Sept 2013 — Shweta Tyagi, Rajendra Dobhal, P.C. Kimothi, L.K. Adlakha, Prashant Singh, D.P. Uniyal     Article in Springer

Bioeconomy and women's welfare

25 Nov 2013 — Rajendra Dobhal, D.P Uniyal & Manoj Kumar     Article in Current Science, Volume 105, No.10

Technological empowerment of women and scientific paper writing

10 Oct 2014 — Rajendra Dobhal, D. P. Uniyal, Manoj Kumar Singh*, J. S. Aswal and K. N. Bhardwaj     Article in Current Science

A sustainable solution for safe drinking water through bank filtration technology in Uttarakhand, India

10 Oct 2014 — Bhavtosh Sharma, D. P. Uniyal*, Rajendra Dobhal, P. C. Kimothi and T. Grischek    Article in Current Science

Water Resource Management through Isotope Technology in Changing Climate

2015 — Bhavtosh Sharma1,*, Rakesh Singh, Prashant Singh , DP Uniyal , Rajendra Dobhal     Article in American Journal of Water Resources,


Climate Change on Himalyan Livelihood


Report of Brain Storming Session on Impact of Climate Change o Himalayan Livelihood

10 Nov 2010 — Brain Storming Session Report; Organised by UCOST on Science Congress

Final Citations : Science & Technology Excellence 2012

Citation Report

Report of Citation : Awardees 2012

2012 — Citation Report : Awardees 2012

Achievements of Research & Development

Citation Report


Achievements Report on Research & Developments

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