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Sustainable Energy

Rong Kong Micro Hydro Power Project (2x50 KW) Civil work and (1x50 KW) electro mechanical works at district Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand)

The Rongkong Hydro power project is hydel power generation station of the capacity of 1X50 KW placed in the ROngkong village of Pithoragarh district. The project is supposed to provide the electricity to the habitation of 100 households situated in the Rongkong and Navi village of Dharachula Block. The project is collaborative persuasion of Uttarakhand State COuncil for Science & Technology (UCOST) and Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Authority (UREDA) with the financial support of Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi.

Project Detail

  1. Duration of the Project : 3 years
  2. Total Cost : Rs. 2,02,65,000 /-
  3. Manpower : Implementing agency is UREDA

Significance of the project

  1. The plant will work on renewable energy and thus the generation of power will be free from any pollution
  2. The project will provide power to 100 households in the nearby villages and thus contribute in the betterment of the living conditions in the hill.
  3. The project will be operated and maintained by the locals, thus setting up the precedence of decentralised model with the community participation.
  4. Availability of power shall result in the growth of economic conditions of the peope living in hills.


All the matter regarding the procurements and arrangements are successfully over and with the completion of procurement of machinery and technical equipment the Construction work is under progress. The construction of the 270 m base line has already been done and the left work shall be completed at the scheduled time and the plat will start functioning on the pre-decided date.


The project is a perfect model to demonstrate low cost decentralised power generation technology in the snowbound areas for providing electricity to the local households. The successful completion of this project will promote community participation in the government scheme in the hills, as the maintenance of the plant will be carried out by the User Energy Committee comprised of locals, registered under Society Registration Act 1860, Also, the success of this project will result in proliferation of this technology in the hills and more projects could upraise on self-sustain basis.

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