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  • 2015 | Oct
  • 17

Popular Lecture by Padmabhusan Dr. K.S Valdiya (FNA, FNASc, FTWASc)

UCOST & NASI UK Chapter jointly organized a Popular Lecture by Padmabhusan Dr. K.S Valdiya (FNA, FNASc, FTWASc) on "Geological Marvels, Hallowed Shrines and Unification of the people of Ancient India" at UCOST campus on 17th Oct, 2015

Director General, UCOST Dr. Rajendra Dobhal welcomed Dr. K.S.Valdiya and introduced him to the audience as one of the most decorated geologist of India in international arena. His hometown in pithogarh, Dr. valdiya is recognized for his pathbreaking work in the field of geology and environmental science. Former VC, Kumaon University, he was instrumental in in the establishment of some premier institutions in Uttarakhand like wadia institute of Himalayan geology, CHEA, GB Pant institute of Himalayan environment and development , Almora etc. The effervescent Dr. Valdiya during his lecture highlighted that the holy shrines scattered all over India like mount kailash, om parvat, mallikarjun, rameshram , omkareshwar – the shiva lingams originated because of a precedence of geological marvels – the land movement, existing faults and exotic blocks, glacial faceted rocks or tectonically forced upheavals. By linking life sciences, anthropology, philosophy and Indian mythology he gave an overview of how the geological activities encouraged the human kind to establish or develop their civilization due to security and safety reasons . He also pointed out that how human civilization evolved and adapted themselves in different geographical regions and how the different races migrated to India. Also confirmed by the eminent genetisct Prof. Madhav Gadgil. Prof A. N. Purohit presided the session and emphasized that scientific temperament should be inculcated among the young students by organizing science popular lectures in different districts of the state.

Nearly 250 partcipants including scientists, students , faculties & researchers from Wadia institute, GSI, USERC, IIRS, FRI, SPECS, Forest Research Institute (FRI), Graphic Era University, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies(UPES), Baba Farid Institute of Technology (BFIT), Sardar Bhgwan Singh Institute of biomedical Sciences, Sri Guru Ram Rai (SGRR) PG College, DBS, DAV and UCOST Dehradun attended the lecture. Padmshri suman sahai also graced the occasion. Dr. Kirti Joshi & Dr. D.P.Uniyal, UCOST coordinated the lecture. Dr. B.P. Purohit, Dr. Arun Kuksal, Dr. Ashutosh Mishra were also present.

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