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  • 2015 | Oct
  • 16

84th birth anniversary of Dr. Kalam celebrated by UCOST and Doon Library

On the occasion of the Hon' former president of India Late Dr. Kalam birth anniversary, UCOST and Doon Library & Research Center jointly organised an mega event on Thursday October 15, 2015 at 11 AM.

This programme was chaired by Prof Dhimendra Sharma former Professor, JNU and a friend of Dr. Kalam.

Invited speakers include Dr. R. S.Tolia Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttarakhand) and Dr. Rajendra Dobhal (DG UCOST)

Random Thoughts | A Philosopher - King in Vigyan-Dham by Dr R.S Tolia (Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttarakhand

Academic Events

That the Libraries serve a major intellectual need of the city literatti and intellectual class was amply demonstrated by what Doon Library did via joining hands with the Uttarakhand Council of Science & Technology ( UCOST ) today. The occasion was birthday celebration of the eleventh President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ( born. 1931 ), who helped build an altogether different image of the heights public office the land ( 24 July 2002- 25 July 2007 ). The 84th birth anniversary of President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was suggested by his old friend Prof Dhirendra Sharma and executed into a function jointly by Prof BK Joshi, Director Doon Library and DG, UCOST, Dr Rajendra Dobhal. The anniversary was held at UCOST, near Sela Quin, in their Vigyan-Dham Campus.

Philosopher King

Prof AN Purohit, first to pay homage to this Scientist cum President, likened him to what the Greek Philosopher had idealized as a model, Philosopher King. A philosopher King, he said could come via two routes, a King was also a philosopher, or a philosopher who went on to become a King. As Dr Kalam was not a practicing or retired politician but a professional scientist, naturally he belonged to the latter category. of the other thirteen Presidents that India has had so far, arguably only Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan ( b. 1888; 1962-67 ) and his successor Dr Zakir Husain ( b. 1897; 1967-69 ) came closest to this description. While all remaining Presidents rose to the highest public office via political ladder, the other exceptions consisted of Justice Mohammed HidayatUllah ( born. 1905. officiating 1969 ) and Dr KR Nayrayanan ( b. 1918; 1997-2002 ).
All invited speakers, as it transpired, spoke of their first hand experience of meeting President Kalam and the personal qualities that came to the fore were his disarming smile and simplicity, hard work, dedication, love of children, extremely inquisitive instincts, and interestingly enough his love and care for mountains and mountain-people. His chairmanship of TIFAC, which also helped this new state during its infancy as well as DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organization ) brought Dr Kalam to this new mountain state on several occasions.

High Integrity & Public Office

Prof Dhirendra Sharma in his personal reminiscences of his old mate related several examples of his high integrity, particularly his entering the Rashtrapati Bhawan with just two bags and leaving the same after five years, with an equal number; how he never offered him tea there and visiting his Purukul house, purely as an old friend, without any security or even guides. His deep concern about children and youth and equally about science education, as shared by Mrs Kamala Pant, was reflected in his opening of Rashtriya Bal Vidya Congress, every year, attended by two youngest students from each state. Those who shared their personal experiences of meeting him consisted of Prof AN Purohit, Dr RS Tolia, Dr Rajendra Dobhal, Prof Dhirendra Sharma and Mrs Kamla Pant

Re-shared from the memories : A tribute to Dr. Kalam

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