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  • 2015 | Sept
  • 30

Media Report : Report on drinking water quality at Uttarakhand Government School released.

Project Title: Scientific Evaluation of water purification system in the state of Uttarakhand
Funded by: DST, GoI.
Water quality monitoring program have been adopted in some schools of Uttarakhand, India but no surveillance program has yet been initiated either in urban or rural area, although the Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water mission envisages surveillance of water quality of rural water supply system.catastrophes due to contamination and break down of safe water supply schemes are periodically reported from several urban areas, leading to out –break of water borne diseases ,and on such events only some amount of realization of the essentiality of surveillance program is evidenced among the administrators, government agencies and professionals ,only to be forgotten till the reoccurrence of such episode.
Water quality monitoring programs need to be tagged with surveillance. The absence of water quality surveillance may leads to catastrophes due to contamination of water. Such situation may cause out –break of water related diseases.


1: To study and assessment water supply system of schools
2: To study & assess drinking water quality at source &supply point of school.
3: To prepare action plan for safe drinking water in school.

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